Saturday, 27 February 2016

Shit People Do B4 Exams

Hello! The latest video that I posted on YouTube is right above this! Hah! Duh. Anyway this video is about 'Shit' People Do Before Exams. Yes, it's another Shit video. Strange that I find 'Shit' videos fun to make, and well it's fairly easier to do compared to those ones that I need more people on set to film it.

Anyway it stars myself, Alicia and for the first time of all time, Adele Chow. Thanks for playing apart of this video on my Channel, Adele! THANKIU! So, the video is a compilation of things that I've witnessed / done before myself! Exams, are an extremely stressful time for most people. So obviously there are bound to be things that people do to mute the stress.

Comparing this video to the ones that I've uploaded recently, you guys seems to enjoy this content much more. Which, is a great thing, I guess. But do have a look at these two honorable mentions! Haha!

MasterChef In Real Life

This video is a result of my weeks of MasterChef Asia obsession, and I told PappaRich that we could do a cooking video, and I really wanted a chance to act as someone who can cook. (Fail or no fail, you be the judge) and oh! We're also giving away a pair of G-Shocks to you guys! You can check out the details here.

Uhm. I really don't know what I'd blog about mostly (in the future) but I just want to say I had fun typing this down. Cheers!

And let's end this blog post with a

"Yeah Buddy, Bud. Heh Heh!"
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