Monday, 14 November 2016

Germani Giveaway #1 - Adidas Superstar OG Signed by Joseph Germani


Bruh, this is my first ever Signed Adidas Originals Sneakers Giveaway. Yes, that's right. I scribbled on a pair of Sneakers! :D

In conjunction of the holiday season that's approaching, this is my first giveaway of hopefully many more to come by the end of the year!

How To Win?

1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

2. Like / Thumbs Up on my I Met HyunA and Crashed a Party! video.

3. Share the 'I Met Hyuna and Crashed a Party video' via my Facebook Page.
(I should already pin it up, so it's easy for you to find, and make sure your profile is public during the Giveaway Period)

updated fb share
This is how it looks like, but you have to go to my Facebook Page to find it!

4. Leave your YouTube comment here -> I Met HyunA and Crashed a Party! on WHY you want the pair of sneakers and include your email for me to contact you if I've chosen you as the winner!

5. The most creative comment wins.

Giveaway's boring but important details

1) Giveaway Period: 14th November 2016 - 27th November 2016

2) Winner will be contacted through email. So it's very important that you include your email in the comment that you'll leave.

3) We may require proof that you've Like and Shared the video and is subscribed to my YouTube channel. If fail to prove so during the email exchange, I will select another winner.

4) Winner will be contacted on 28th November 2016 (8pm) Malaysia time. Winner must reply within 30minutes when I've sent out the email. Failing to reply, will result on me choosing another winner. So please be active!

5) I reserve the rights to disqualify any parties that does dodgy things, such as cyber bullying and being harsh to people and just generally mean. I want to make sure that my positive followers get rewarded, not cyber trolls.

6) You may leave as many YouTube comment as you want. The best comment still wins.

7) It's a size 11UK / 11.5 US adidas sneakers. It's from my personal collection. So sorry that I couldn't cast a Harry Potter style spell, to transform it to your size. :D

Here's more photos of the sneakers itself.




That's it, have a nice day people!
Joseph Germani.

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